Programme 1



Renaissance and early baroque lutesongs

from Spain, Italy, France and England





Beatus Ille; Alonso Mudarra (c 1510-1580)

Si me llaman a mi; Alonso Mudarra

Paseabase el rey moro; Luys de Narváez (published in 1538)

Fantasía del primer tono (lute solo); Luys de Narváez

Vuestros ojos tienen d’amor; Anonymous




Se ben hor non scopro el foco; Bartolomeo Tromboncino (1470-after 1534)

Quando amor i begl'occhi; Phillippe Verdelot (published in 1536)

Ostinato vo seguire; Bartolomeo Tromboncino

Ricercare (lute solo); Marco Dall'Aquila (c1480-c1538)

Non e tempo d´aspetare; Marcetto Cara (1465-1525)


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Entrée de Luth (lute solo); Robert Ballard (published in 1611)

N`espérez plus mes yeux; Antoine Boesset (1586-1643)

Yo soy la locura; Du Bailly (¿-1637)

Adorable Princesse; Pierre Guédron (c1565-c1620)




Cradle Pavan (lute solo); Anthony Holborne (c1545-1602)

Say love if ever thou didst find; John Dowland (1563-1626)

Flow my tears; John Dowland

Can she excuse my wrongs; John Dowland