Archlute by S.Barber for sale


650/1400mm (6x2 / 8x1 or 1x1, 5x2, 1x1 / / 7x1)

Pitch: f#' or g' (can be tuned to g' with a' = 440 Hz)

Very attractive back of 25 ribs in rosewood, with holly spacers between; matching endclasp, with pretty snakewood insert (see images below); snakewood soundboard half-edging and fingerboard points; lower neck veneered with ebony, upper neck veneered with ebony front and rear, the front face with triple white/black/white edgings; ebony pegs with bone pips; triple rose.

The instrument has recently been refurbished by myself and is offered in mint condition. It has a very powerful and projecting sound that makes it ideal for both solo as well as a continuo repertoire.

I have played this archlute on many occasions with big sized baroque orchestras were it always was clearly heard.

The reason for selling it is that I do not play continuo anymore and being myself a lute maker it does not make any sense for me to keep it any longer.

It comes with a very light aluminum case custom made for the instrument by Pierre Rousseau ideal for traveling.

Selling price 6600 Euros.

A new instrument like this one by the same maker costs 7300 € (including case).

More information at:

Here you have  two tracks from the CD "Music at the court of Jülich-Berg" in which this instrument can be heard.